2012 Foliage Season: Colors Commence Across the State

“The stage is set for a beautiful foliage season as early fall color begins to emerge across Vermont’s higher elevations and low-lying areas. Impending cool nights and the combination of more…

Supporting Military Families

Having grown-up in a military family, living the majority of my childhood in base-housing, and then marrying a soldier of the Vermont

2012 Foliage Season Begins!

While the majority of Vermont is still green, there are a few pockets of color starting to appear on individual trees here-and-there. It won’t be long before we start to more…

September is Preparedness Month

When Irene struck last year, many people were caught completely off-guard. My husband and I were fortunate that we didn’t suffer any damage, but

2012 Foliage: Pre-Season Reports

After this weekend, Vermont.com’s Fall Foliage Reporting Season will begin! We are already starting to experience some leaf-fall and color changes throughout the state, and with the cooler morning temperatures, more…

Farm-to-Table, Buy Local

Having lived in big cities my entire life (Hampton, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan), I find myself fascinated by the idea of

One Fish, Two Fish – Cold Fish, Hot Fish!

Since moving to Vermont in 2004, I’ve learned that Vermont Yankee is a big topic among some residents. The plant provides many jobs in the area, however

A Creative Way to Help

During the 1-year Anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene and all year ’round, there’s one thing that everybody can do to help those in need

2012 Foliage: First Pre-Season Reports

Fall Foliage Season is creeping up on us again and the leaves have already started to change colors on individual trees here-and-there across Vermont. From mid-September through late October, we more…

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