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2013 Legislative Update: Week 17 (5/6-5/10)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - May• 11•13

Well, we didn’t quite make it to the finish line by the end of Week 17, but we got pretty close. The game-plan, as I write this on May 11th, is to finish-up (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 15 (4/23-4/26)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Apr• 27•13

As we inch closer to the end of the session (mid-May), most of the action in the House has migrated from committee rooms to the floor. Here’s the (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 13 (4/9 – 4/12)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Apr• 13•13

It may be a little bit early to say that the end is in sight, but it is becoming clearer which legislative initiatives will make it to the Governor’s desk, and which won’t (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 11 (3/26 – 3/29)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Mar• 30•13

The House did some good work last week by passing a shoreline protection bill, along with revisions to the current use program. But, the lion’s share of activity (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 9 (3/12 – 3/15)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Mar• 16•13

The House hit the ground running after town meeting break, with most committees scurrying to meet the “crossover” deadline. In general (there are some (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 7 (2/19 – 2/22)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Feb• 23•13

As we inch closer to Town Meeting break, more and more legislation has started to trickle out of committees and onto (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 5 (2/5 – 2/8)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Feb• 10•13

At this stage of the session, legislators have been busily pulling together legislation to beat the upcoming filing deadline, while House and Senate Committees (more…)

2013 Legislative Update: Week 1 (1/9 – 1/11)

Written By: Jeff Wilson - Jan• 14•13

Something New – Once again the Manchester Journal is demonstrating its civic-minded spirit by agreeing to print my weekly legislative news (more…)

2012 Foliage Season: Remaining Pockets of Color are in the South

Written By: Vermont.com Staff - Oct• 23•12

Fall Foliage Map“This is the final report of the 2012 Foliage Season, 10/23/12. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this gorgeous time of year in Vermont. For best regions to view the remaining glow of foliage, please review the notes from our (more…)

2012 Foliage Season: Remaining Foliage Moves South

Written By: Vermont.com Staff - Oct• 16•12

Fall Foliage Map“The most abundant foliage is found in the rolling hills of the Champlain Valley, including the Lake Champlain Islands and the Burlington area, and in the valleys of southern Vermont. In the higher elevations of central Vermont, town and village centers have some trees hanging on to their foliage, contrasting with the dark green of evergreens and the soft gray of hillsides where (more…)